About Us.

The Clermont County Young Democrats is a newly formed social, action, and informative club of progressive minded individuals in Clermont County, founded in February 2017.  We gather monthly at general meetings to discuss local issues, volunteer in our community, and socialize with our peers. 

It is the purpose of our organization to:

  • introduce, develop, and inculcate in young people an active interest in governmental affairs and the electoral process in local, state, and national levels of the United States of America
  • foster and promote the philosophy, principles, and goals of the Democratic Party
  • develop leadership skills in our members
  • involve ourselves in programs to improve voter education and participation
  • contribute to the well-being of the community at large
  • provide for all citizens, through its administration, the highest degree of justice and social welfare

As an organization, we are affiliated with the Clermont County Democratic Party, Ohio Young Democrats, and the Young Democrats of America. We work with county officials, candidates, and volunteers to help give young people a voice in our county, and to ensure the next generation of public leaders are ones who serve the best interest of the people.