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The heart of every movement is its members. CCYD has a vision for Clermont County and believes that young people are the driving power behind achieving those goals. Young people become new voters, parents, and community leaders every day. Our three levels of membership reflect this investment in and promotion of progressive ideas with an introductory level for teens, a wide age range for regular membership to represent all young Democrats, and an honorary level for our closest supporters and mentors.

Regular Membership

Our regular members- the voting body- are aged 18-39, and reside, vote, or go to school in Clermont County.  Dues are $25.

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Teen Membership

Our teen members now have the option to pay dues and receive voting rights upon doing so. Dues for teen members are $25.

Honorary Membership

Our honorary members include those 40+ and do not vote on official business. Dues are $15.

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