2018 Candidate Endorsements

In case you're wondering who to vote for, below is a list of the terrific local and statewide candidates formally endorsed by the Clermont County Young Democrats. We believe all of these candidates will do a great service for our local communities. Check back for more as we get closer to November 6th!

Elaine Barnett.jpg

Elaine Barnett
County Auditor

CCYD is ready for November. We have some amazing candidates running for office in Clermont County. We want to take some time to highlight who you can vote for in November. Starting with Elaine Barnett for Auditor. Elaine is ready to get to work for Clermont County! She is committed to making this a full time job and working for the people of Clermont County.

Jill Schiller.jpg

Jill Schiller
US House of Representatives - 2nd District of Ohio

CCYD is thrilled to announce our endorsement of Jill Schiller! Jill has been in every corner of OH-2 working hard. She exudes extreme amounts of charisma and intelligence! We are ready for her to beat #badbrad. She will be the candidate OH-2 two deserves.

jeff Richards.jpg

Jeff Richards
State Representative - 66th District

CCYD is proud to announce our endorsement of Jeff Richards for Ohio District 66. Jeff has deep roots in the 66th district and he is ready to fight for the constituents. We highly recommend asking Jeff to have a cup of coffee with you. Jeff wants to hear what you have to say. He understands the problems the 66th district faces. He will be the representative you deserve.

Sherrod Brown
United States Senate

We are very pleased to have the honor of endorsing Sherrod Brown! Sen. Brown continually fights for what’s right. CCYD could rattle off a dozens of stories of how Mr Brown has helped people! He is someone who votes with his conscious 100% of the time, and he has support from Democrats and Republicans alike. Join us in telling U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown that he has your vote!


Patricia Lawrence
State Representative - 65th District

CCYD fully endorses Patricia Lawrence! Patty is actively involved in the Clermont County Democratic Party. She exudes kindness and caring towards the residents of Clermont County yet isn’t afraid to stand up for the Party and it’s values! Patty definitely has our vote!